AIPCR/PIARC Technical Committees


Für die Periode 2016-2019 wurden folgende Arbeitsausschüsse festgelegt:


ST A - Management and Finance



TC A.1 Performance of Transport Administrations

TC A.2 Road Transport System Economics and Social Development

TC A.3 Risk Management


TF A.1 Innovative Financing

TF A.2 Coordination between National and Sub-National authorities


ST B - Access and Mobility



TC B.1 Road Network Operations/Intelligent Transportation Systems

TC B.2 Winter Service

TC B.3 Sustainable Multimodality in Urban Areas

TC B.4 Freight


TF B.1 Road Design and Infrastructure for Innovative Transport Solutions


ST C - Safety



TC C.1 National Road Safety Policies and Programs

TC C.2 Design and Operations of Safer Road Infrastructure




TF C.1 Infrastructure Security


ST D - Infrastructure



TC D.1 Asset Management

TC D.2 Pavements

TC D.3 Bridges

TC D.4 Rural Roads and Earthworks

TC D.5 Road Tunnels Operations


ST E - Climate Change, Environment and Disasters


TC E.1 Adaptation Strategies/Resiliency

TC E.2 Environment Considerations in Road Projects and Operations

TC E.3 Disaster Management


Weitere Informationen zu den Technischen Komitees finden Sie hier.